Get started with Natural Healing Products wholesaler program and start saving today.  We understand how to produce the best cbd flower using organic growing practices, ideal packaging and storing techniques as well as hand trimmed with a 60 day slow cure.  Our hemp flower growing and distributing process has been optimized to deliver top shelf ready to smoke CBD rich hemp flower filled with high amounts of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Natural Healing Products is an established U.S.A. brand that is well known in the smokable hemp flower market.  Having low MOQs and rapid turnaround are just a few of the key factors we focus on to help you succeed with your retail store, or online market.  We only grow and sell the best hemp flower on the market today, and maintain very high quality standard in purity, compliance, and customer satisfaction.

Natural Healing Products is always on top of the ever changing hemp market space including being in compliance with federal hemp guidelines.  All our hemp flower has been third party tested and is mailed with Certificates of Analysis (COA), and UPC codes which link directly to online versions of the COAs, which verifies that our hemp flower is legal and complies with U.S. Federal Standards.