Top Shelf CBD Flower

Our top shelf CBD flower elevates and transforms your daily routine.  Our high grade ultra potent CBD flower is covered in rich dense trichomes that cover the surface of each hemp bud.   The coat of resin reveals the rich terpenes and full spectrum of cannabinoids, helping balance & improve your mood.

Quality Top Shelf CBD Flower Is What We Do

At Natural Healing Products, we produce the highest-quality CBD hemp flower our customers can trust. Our quality control process ensures product safety and consistency.

We are dedicated to growing the highest-quality CBD hemp flower. We work closely with third-party, state-licensed testing laboratories to ensure that we are offering only the very best experience. All of our CBD-rich hemp flowers are slow dried, 60-day cured, and hand-trimmed. Furthermore, our CBD hemp flower is cultivated outdoors without any synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides, or herbicides.

Top Shelf CBD Flower Begins With Good Manufacturing Practices

Of course, we understand that quality begins with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), utilizing proven cultivation techniques to produce the healthiest plants for products that consumers can rely on. At harvest time, select hemp flowers are chosen from each batch and sent for testing.   

Third-Party Lab Testing

During all stages of production, independent third-party lab testing is undertaken to ensure the safety and purity of each product. The hemp is tested for cannabinoid potency which specifically includes CBD and THC, as well as foreign materials and heavy metals. Indeed, testing ensures there are no bacterial or microbial organisms, mycotoxins (fungus), or pesticides.

Safety And Consistency

Above all, we stand behind each and every product. We are truly committed to producing only the top shelf CBD Flower flower directly to our customers, in addition to hemp biomass buyers, bulk hemp flower buyers, and brokers.