Our lives are ours to live and the government does not have the constitutional or moral authority to tell us what we can or cannot do with our own bodies or consciousness!”

Gary Wainwright has earned a reputation for speaking truth to power. America’s only Citizen’s Defense Lawyer, he has zealously defended the rights of over 7,000 clients. Gary graduated cum laude from the Southern University Law Center and established himself as a champion for the people and nationally recognized expert on cannabis law and policy.

Gary has dedicated four decades to the relegalization of God’s greatest gift to man.

Gary helped author California’s Proposition 215. Gary coined the phrase “a doctor’s recommendation” in this landmark bill.  This essential legal tenant establishes, protects and preserves the privacy and dignity of the doctor patient relationship.  “A doctor’s recommendation” became the bedrock principal of every medical cannabis law in America.

In the late 1980’s Gary and his friend Jack Herer began educating the public about “hemp”. Hemp, the hard working oft forgotten cousin in the cannabis family.  Gary’s notable “cause cases” include: The Dobbie Tosser Case from Gainesville, Florida, The Joe Tacl Medical Marijuana Case, from Bronson, Florida (carried on Court T.V. live in its entirety) and the Busted for Birdseed Trial from Tyler Texas.  These tireless efforts, of Gary, Jack and many others culminated with the re-legalization of “industrial hemp” in the 2018 Farm Bill.  A victory in the long struggle to fully re-legalize cannabis.

Farmers across the country have taken up the hemp crop.   We think Jack would agree it is a moment worthy of a Nobacco “victory cigar”.  To celebrate the seeds he planted reaching maturity, Gary founded Tree of Life Trading and Natural Healing Products.  Your first premium smokeable Nobacco hemp flower victory cigar will be as memorable as this moment.  Reward yourself with the ultimate chill experience.


Retailer of Hemp Pre-Roll & Hemp Oil

The strain of the free hemp seeds will vary frequently, sometimes from day to day. That is why we can not tell you which strain for the free hemp seeds you will receive specificaly. Though we can say that it is one of the regular strains we offer in our seedshop.

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