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Safe & convenient, ultra-premium CBD hemp joints & buds

CBD Hemp Buds

Each of the premium hemp flowers in has been carefully curated for their unique terpene & cannabinoid profiles. Our customers appreciate the quality and potency of top shelf hemp buds.

Sour Space Candy Buds

Sour Space Candy Hemp Flower

Great smokable cbd flower for when you need a little extra spring to your step.

BOAX Hemp Buds

Boax CBD Hemp Flower

This highly sought after hemp strain will provide the chill you are want while unwinding.

Natural Healing Products™ is based in Nashville Tennessee and All our hemp flower grown using organic farming practices.

Discreet Packaging
Orders are shipped fast and discretely.
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Third Party Lab Tested
Our hemp is tested ensuring federal compliance.
CBD Flower

What Makes Us Different

Natural Healing Products team has over 25 years of experience in the hemp industry.  Our goal is to use our depth of knowledge about cannabis cultivation.  Our passion for hemp flower cultivation, storage, and distribution has resulted in the the highest quality cbd flower on the market today.  Our lab certificates and customer reviews agree.   With amazing aromas and flavors our smokable hemp flower is able to be shipped discreetly to your door.


Organic Practices

All our hemp flower is grown appling organic growing practices.  Using certified organic soil and no pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, or synthetic fertilizers are used on our farms.

Smokable Hemp Flower Power Punch

Hand-Trimmed Buds

All our hemp buds are maliciously hand trimmed and cured for 60 days similar to ensure the highest quality product, and best smokable cbd flower experience.

Smokable Hemp Flower-Strawberry Lemonade Pre Roll
3rd Party Lab Tested

3rd Party Lab Tested

All our cbd flower for sale online, is lab tested and every order includes a certificate of analysis that ensures the quality of the flower and that it is legal with delta 9 THC content of less than 0.3%.

Smokable CBD Flower

CBD Flower Frequently Asked Questions

CBD regulation varies dramatically based on individual states. While there is still further research being done by the FDA, it is advised to research your own individual state laws to ensure there is full compliance for the purchase and consumption of CBD.

CBD oil is one of the 113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plant and can contain up to 40% of an individual cannabis plants chemical makeup. Since 2018, CBD oil was tested in order to see potential benefits for a variety of ailments such as anxiety, chronic pain, and depression due to the fact that CBD had the potential to provide the same benefits as THC without the psychoactive properties that THC creates upon consumption. There are multiple ways to consume CBD, including, but not limited to, smoking, drops, ingestion, or through topical creams. CBD Revives provides a variety of products for CBD consumption based on each individuals needs.

Please check your local state laws, as well as the states that you are travelling to in order to ensure legal compliance. Otherwise, the Food and Drug Administration is working on classifications for CBD products, so make sure to subscribe to CBD Revives newsletter and check our blog regularly for all legal and FDA updates.

If you don’t have the contact information, just send us an inquiry via our Contact Us page and we’ll get your sales rep in touch with you.